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Current sports - Australian Rules Football & Basketball.

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Saving time, Empowering teachers: Go2coach understands the challenges faced by schools & teachers in providing quality sports training. Online digital resource with quick reference, clear instructions, fun, age-appropriate sporting activities and training sessions ready to help.

Our Flexibility - Be You - Your Own Style of Training: Every school has its own unique style of training. Schools can create their own exclusive training sessions using the activities library provided or even add their own.

Organisational Subscription: Allocate trainings to staff/coaches to follow & manage the number of users you require.

Currently being used in PE departments, teacher's in class resources, and volunteer coaches of co-curricular sports programs around Australia

Sporting Clubs - Australian Rules Football & Basketball

Helping Clubs with time poor junior development volunteers that want to implement, standardise & monitor their training sessions with the added benefits of being able to allocate them directly to all junior or new coaches to follow. Some clubs use our suggested training sessions and some create their own unique training programs from our drill library.

Individual Players/Coaches

Easy to use, save time with ready to go, fun, age appropriate suggested training session or create your own unique training sessions from our drill library. With key fundamentals videos to help any players or parent coaches.

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